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Leadership Development Coach in Berlin

Coach Steph

Leadership Development Coach in Berlin

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Hi there, Coach Steph here!

I’m on a mission to prevent bad leadership in the world 🌍

Becoming a first-time manager is tough. Whether you’re aspiring to become a leader, or have just started, you typically face some of these challenges:

  • You are not getting the leadership training you need to succeed (except 2 weeks of onboarding)
  • You need to create and present your 30/60/90 day business plan in your interview to land your first leadership role
  • You have no idea how to structure your first days/months as a new manager
  • You are hired remotely and have never met your new team
  • You feel imposters’ syndrome about being a new manager
  • You are under a lot of stress and mental pressure
  • You have no idea how to have difficult conversations with your team
  • You struggle to have effective 1:1 and team meetings
  • You constantly feel out of your depth
  • You don’t know how to coach your low performers
  • You struggle with retention in your team

Too often, companies ignore the training and preparation necessary to coach these rising stars into effective managers, leaving them and their teams frustrated.

If new managers are forced to lead others but lack the proper training to do so effectively, it will lead to more conflict, excessive miscommunication & a culture with a widening divide between ‘us’ & ‘them’.

If this sounds like the situation you are in, I might be able to help you.

I offer 1:1 and group coaching for new and aspiring managers, whilst simultaneously living & breathing all the challenges of being a leader in today’s difficult landscape as a senior sales leader for the last 5 years.

I love to help first-time managers because I get what you’re going through - and you don’t have to go through it all alone!

My almost 10 year journey in B2B sales: BDR ➡️ AE ➡️ BDR Leader ➡️ Sales Leader

I want to help YOU achieve the same in two main ways:

  1. 1:1 coaching and mentoring conversations for new and aspiring managers
  2. Group workshops for leadership teams

Click on the ‘Schedule an appointment' button to book a free 15-minute call today, to see exactly if/how I can help you as an individual or as an organisation.

What clients say about me
Stephanie has been my mentor and coach throughout my transition from an individual contributor position to a leadership role. Steph is not only knowledgeable in SDR/AE management but also in the principles of leadership as well. I'm constantly surprised by the fact that with every possible challenge that I'm experiencing (that I believed to be unique to me) she has already dealt with and found coaching solutions for within her leadership development program.
Maria-Louisa Pelidis, BDR Team Lead, Remote
I worked with Steph closely over the course of her last year at Freshworks as she helped helped me kick-start my leadership journey. During my time as a BDR, Steph began to coach and mentor me towards my goal of becoming a team lead. Through her leadership and guidance, I learned the importance of leading through empathy, challenging the status-quo, and advocating for your team.
Emilie Wilson, BDR Team Lead, Freshworks
Anyone that's had the pleasure of working with Steph will know the incredible energy and enthusiasm she brings to everything she does. She claims that this is deliberate, but honestly, I doubt she could switch it off even if she wanted to! Either way, this means that as one of Steph's reports/mentees you come away from every conversation feeling energised, challenged and inspired.
Roscoe Platt, Account Executive, Remote